This unit was undertaken by a year 0 - 2 class.

The motivation for this unit was a classroom problem - the cloakbay was always untidy with bags, food and other rubbish being left on the floor. Students were finding it hard to find their bags and it was difficult to move through the cloakbay.
The students first brainstormed what they knew about the problem. They went to look at the cloakbay and took photos with the digital camera. They then listed all the problems they saw.
The students brainstormed questions that would help them solve their problem, then they listed places where they could find the information.
The students visited the cloakbays of other classes at school and talked to the students about how they kept their cloakbays tidy. They then asked a number of people including teachers, students and their parents for ideas on how to solve their problem.
The students then listed possible solutions. They then did PMIs on the solutions as a class.
Students individually chose their preferred solution and wrote about their choice and the reasons behind it.
Students voted on the preferred solution.
The preferred solutions were to add more hooks and to appoint a cloakbay monitor.
After two weeks they went back and took new photos and compared them. They decided that the solution was working as the cloakbay was much tidier.