Comic Life - easily combine pictures and text. Suitable for all ages

To see the program have a look by downloading the 30-day trial version:
Examples: - This one also includes "How to" instructions for using the program.
Add any ideas you have for its use to the discussion on this page.

Comic Life Tutorial

Paula Jamieson's Wiki page on Comic Life
Suzie Vesper’s page on Comic Life with links to good examples
Nelson Central school wiki – Comic Life

Saving your Comic Life file
You can just Save in which case it will only be able to be opened by someone with Comic Life. You should do this first. You can save as images - Go to Export - to images. Choose the file type jpeg.
If you have more than one page and wish to save as a document - eg if you want to upload the document to a wiki, then you can save as pdf file. You will need to download a pdf converter to your computer. pdf995
is a good one to use. You need to download and install both the Pdf995 Printer Driver and the Free Converter.