11 - 12.30 Breakout One

Sue West - E-Learning Art

(Middle/Seniors) Looking at one particular movement in art and how your students could use this for Inquiry and recreate their own version of this movement. Using an online reproduction of one artist’s work. Creating your own version.

Please bring your laptop and a digital picture that you like, it could be a family member, an animal, a chair or something that is close-up.

Jan-Marie Kellow - Inquiry in the New Curriculum

Inquiry-based learning fits well with the new curriculum. This workshop examines the New Zealand Curriculum and where inquiry-based learning fits within it. Suitable for teachers and school leaders.

Tessa Gray - Netvibes and other exciting web 2.0 tools

This session will introduce you to the Netvibes start page. A Netvibes webpage is a quick and easy way to aggregate RSS feeds, embed websites, calendars, maps, as well as audio and video media. Other widgets include notes, instant messages and message boards. You can create your own personal desktop to the web for personal or classroom use. In addition to this, other web 2.0 tools will be showcased during the workshop. Please bring your laptop.

Breakout 2

Breakout 3

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