Breakout 3 - 2.20pm - 3.05pm

Anna Yates - Voicethread in the Classroom

Voice Thread ( is an online programme suitable for all ages. This session has some classroom examples and practical tips for managing Voicethread in the classroom. Anna currently teaches a year 7 & 8 class at Te Rerenga.

Bring your own laptop and if possible sign up for Voicethread prior to the session.

2. Jan-Marie Kellow - SOLO Taxonomy

What is SOLO and how can it be used in your classroom? An introduction to this tool for assessing complexity of understanding. A useful alternative to Blooms that can be used with students of all ages.

3. Sue West - Thinkers Keys and ICT for Juniors

Using one of the Thinkers Keys, students will be able to animate a scenario and teachers will be able to track and record their progress – this is a hands-on activity and loads of fun. Bring your laptop.

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