Tessa's Netvibe's Page
Sue website: www.globo.co.nz
Sue's email: sue@globo.co.nz

Sue’s Keynote Notes
  • Beware red herrings.
  • Education Counts website for NZ research
  • Be the teacher your students will remember as having inspired them.
  • Talk to kids about the learning process. What could happen to us during the learning process? What are we going to do when we get to the big hole? What sort of behaviour might we display? What could you do that is different?
  • Google Sketch Up
  • Google Earth
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • mywebspiration - online collaborative version of Inspiration
  • Point of View movies eg point of view of a cow
  • Find video on YouTube. Type kiss before the word Youtube in the URL
eg http://www.kissyoutube.com/watch?v=FVZobzVJrSo and use to download the clip.

Conference Info