The ICTInfusedInquiry wiki has lots of info about web 2.0 tools. For an introduction to what web 2.0 tools are have a look at the explanation on Centre4.




Centre4 has lots of information about both blogs and wikis on this page.

You Blog - the ICTPD online theme on blogs and blogging.

Cogs for Blogs - ways to improve your blog

Videos on a large number of web 2.0 applications on Commoncraft.

Voicethread - this page has information relating to this valuable tool for having conversations around media

Google Docs is a great way for working collaboratively. Could be used within a class or between classes or schools. Have alook at some ideas for using shared documents here.

Starter sheets for a range of tools eg Delicious, Voicethread etc.

Etherpad - collaborative word document - up to 8 people editing at once

The Toolbox wiki has lots of links and info on web 2.0.

The Matamata Cluster wiki page on Web 2.0 tools


Delicious is a website where you can save all you bookmarks (favourite websites). You can access these from any computer with the internet. You need to set up your own account, some teachers like to have one account for their class and one for their personal use.

Skrbl - An easy-to-use online collaborative whiteboard skrbl now


- make word pictures from any piece of text. The more a word is used the larger it appears.

Google Docs - make your own uvatar using your photo

Vokis - make a talking avatar

Youtube and TeacherTube

There are lots of resources on these two sites. You can also upload your own videos.

Flickr and Photobucket

Sites where you can upload and share your photos online.

Glogster - online poster-maker

There is now and Education Version of Glogster which is preferable for student use